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Hi guys! Hope you're well. Thanks for all your support so far. Sadly we are pausing our on line sales for the moment - we hope to be back soon. You can still grab yourself some HOU from Selfridges, London. Thanks!

HOU wants to know what's inside?

With under half the sugar, fat and calories of sweet spreads, HOU could say no to HOU!?

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HOU are we?

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Chocolate without a doubt and it’s guilt free! It’s just so nice and I love dunking Lotus biscuits.

-Ilana Fox

I absolutely love the Banoffee flavour. I never imagined my favourite dessert would be made into a healthy dip without compromising any of the taste. Personally I enjoy dipping strawberry’s the most! 

Eli Lew

The Mixed Berry with fruit, yogurt and granola, is just the BEST! HOU's my number one!

Samantha Delroy

I just adore the Choc-o-Chick and Banoffee on rye bread with flaked almonds. It's a great breakfast and daytime snack.

Tania Williams

HOU's going to be great for kids. They're so much healthier than normal spreads. No need for Nutella.

Joanne Cantor

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London, United Kingdom

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