New year, Healthier YOU!

What if we said, Green has the power to transform you, like never before, with Plant-Based Diet.

The plant-based diet entails the consumption of wholesome food that is sourced from plants, has undergone minimal processing (or even no processing at all!) and is in its natural state. That being said, you have to do away with meat, eggs, milk, and other dairy products to make way for healthier fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Simply put, it is the joy of eating natural food, in its natural form.


Now that we’ve got you interested, lettuce discuss further.

1. Encourage-mint!

Adopting the Plant-Based diet could definitely help you lose some weight, improve your heart health, control blood sugar levels, and help in dealing with diabetes. You can also feel more hydrated and satisfied after every green meal.
Need any more motivation? We recommend watching the documentary ‘What the Health’ on Netflix that will surely motivate you enough to go on a Plant-Based Diet for at least 7 days, if not more.

To match up to all this motivation, try our chocolate orange proats or vegan chocolate protein truffles to satisfy all those cravings while on the Plant-Based Diet.

2. All Nutrients Covered? No Whey!

Consuming an adequate amount of calories in your Plant-Based Diet ensures there’s no deficiency of protein or any other essential nutrient in your body. There is protein in vegetables and grain, but even more in beans and nuts.

Meeting the daily requirements of necessary protein & other nutrients becomes further easier with the HOU choc-o-chick spread that contains 6.4 grams of protein per 100 grams and our recommended snack recipes that ensures protein, fats, and carbohydrates in every dish.

Use this Plant-Based protein cheat sheet to ensure you're obtaining an adequate amount of protein in every meal. 

3. That’s not all!

Adopting a Plant-Based Diet not only gets you closer to the environment but also helps you eat your way to a smaller carbon footprint. Maybe you don’t have to buy a Tesla to do your bit! Going green could be enough, especially with our HOU spreads that ensures you get protein, carbohydrates, and fats while curbing that sweet tooth!